Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Services

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Baking security into a product is over 10x more cost effective than patching vulnerabilities later.

Add Security at the Early Stages in Your Development Cycle

According to Gartner, over 80 percent of breaches are the result of exploits at the application layer. Security needs to be engineered earlier in the life cycle within modern software development and built into the way code is developed, instead of after a product release.

By adding security into the development process, Tangible can help implement a more effective, security-focused software development program and provide “fresh eyes” and objectivity that expose security gaps during development.

Secure Development Life Cycle

The Secure Development Life Cycle service formulates a project plan to refine and execute a road map with deliverables that transition your program development process to one that’s more secure, cost-effective, and competitive.

Tangible Security has helped couple rapid software development with security and risk management for developers of mission-critical applications in the G500, defense and intelligence communities for over 2 decades.

Reduce Total Lifecycle Costs for Software-based Products:

  • Implement an effective, security-focused software development program
  • Services that help expose security risks during development

SDLC Services Can Help With:

  • Security best practices training (OWASP, RMF, COSO, COBIT, ISO 7200X)
  • Formulating pragmatic security requirements
  • Identifying, mitigating threat vectors and developing threat models
  • Unit/functional/system security testing practices
  • Independent code reviews
  • 3rd party/open-source code vetting
  • Platform security hardening
  • Adversarial penetration testing
  • Rolling out a formal vulnerability handling policy


Tangible's security engineers and penetration testing engineers use the same methods and tactics as attackers to help software developers remediate security risks in their products and transition to security-focused software design.

Tangible Security can become a part of your team:
  • Provide virtual, on-demand services
  • Review threat models
  • Analyzing software binaries from suppliers
  • Provide a fresh set of eyes on source code

50% of companies will suffer damage caused by failing to manage trust in their SDLC.
- Gartner

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