SDLC Services

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC); Baking security into a product is over ten times cheaper than patching vulnerabilities later.

We help customers reduce total lifecycle costs for their software-based products in two ways:

  • Help implement a more effective, security-focused software development program
  • Provide specialized services that help root-out security holes during development


Why You Need SDLC Services

Software and software-based device vendors can no longer limit their focus to only the customer and the market. They must contend with cyber adversaries, those that would take advantage of flaws in products to reap financial or political benefits at the expense of the vendors and their customers.
University software engineering instructors have told students for over a decade that reacting to security vulnerabilities after software-based products are deployed costs vendors over ten times more than developing such products via security best practices from the beginning. The theory is simple, but defining and successfully making the transition in any organization is tough.
Adding and modifying development processes is only part of the challenge, however. Individuals require training, new practices often need templates and tools, and some security tasks require skillsets that are not available in-house. And, ever more ‘experts’ recommend independent reviews and analyses, if only for their fresh eyes, but also for their relative objectivity.

How SDLC Services Benefit You

Our engineers have been applying security-focused software development practices themselves. Many of their software products have been operating continuously on thousands of mission critical computing assets in the defense and intelligence communities for many years. They had to successfully navigate the most rigorous cybersecurity gauntlets imaginable.
Additionally, some of these software engineers as well as our penetration testing engineers have been using the same methods and tactics as those of cyber criminals to help other software vendors discover and plug security holes in their products.
Collectively, their experiences and methods enable your organization to successfully transition to a security-focused software development machine that realizes the promises of those university instructors because of the knowledge, skills, and practices that transfers from our engineers to yours. Further, our engineers can become a tangible part of your team, providing virtual, on-demand services, reviewing threat models, analyzing software binaries from suppliers, or providing a fresh set of eyes on source code.

How SDLC Services Work for You

A development program transition begins with our interviewing some of your personnel to facilitate a gap assessment that compares your program “as is” with an industry best practices framework. Next, we formulate a project plan to refine and execute a roadmap with deliverables that transitions your program to what you wish it “to be”. Depending on the size and structure of your organization, we might start with only part of it, and after it has measurably achieved its goals, do the same for the rest of the organization.

We can help you with:

  •    Security best practices training (OWASP, RMF, COSO, COBIT, ISO 7200x)
  •    Formulating pragmatic security requirements
  •    Identifying, explaining, and mitigating threat vectors
  •    Unit/functional/system security testing practices
  •    Independent security-based code reviews
  •    3rd party code vetting, patching, and monitoring
  •    Platform security hardening
  •    Adversarial penetration testing
  •    Rolling out a formal vulnerability handling policy