Remote Access / Remote Work Security Assessment

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82% of Company Leaders Plan to Allow Employees to Work Remotely. Do you know if your Remote Workers are secure?

Peace of Mind for the Remote Work Environment

Due to the recent increase in working from home, many companies have rushed to build infrastructure to meet this urgent demand. Because of the urgent nature, organizations may have overlooked security best practices.

Without the proper measures in place, common methods of remote access can become a security nightmare. As remote work increases, the door also opens wider for hackers – is your network up to the challenge?

Skilled Professionals Who Think Like Hackers to Stop Hackers

The Remote Access Security Assessment is an external, fully remote assessment from Tangible Security’s team of experienced cybersecurity professionals.

With decades of fighting against the most sophisticated adversaries and cybercriminals in commercial enterprises, military organizations, and the Global 500, you are assured of professional-level service that helps you defend your business.

Attacker Tools / Techniques to:

  • Review the security of your organization’s devices that defend your critical data from hackers
  • Perform a series of controlled attack simulations
  • Review cloud application security for best practices
  • Verify that remote devices are hardened against emerging threats
  • Identify the current level of risk and the potential for exploitation

Assessment Benefits

With remote work on the rise, it is imperative for organizations to make sure their critical data is not accidentally made available to hackers or outsiders.

Tangible Security helps you answer key questions about your security posture that enable smarter, more focused IT security decisions.

  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Fix Misconfigurations
  • Ensure Secure Access to Critical Data

A Typical Engagement

We start by defining with you the scope of what we assess. Then, our ethical hackers systematically assess your security and map the gaps they discover to a best practices framework. We then report our prioritized findings, what you need to improve, and the steps necessary to better protect your interests.

In 2020, there was a 2000% increase in phishing attacks related to the pandemic

Secure Remote Workers

There was a 768% growth of Remote Desktop Protocol attacks in 2020.

Learn how attackers can harm your business
and if your remote workforce is ready

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