Incident Response Services

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Incident Response and Digital Forensic Services

Tangible Security can quickly assess the compromise method used to target your organization and how to best contain and mitigate the attack while helping reduce incident response times, minimize breach impact, and helping your organization recover rapidly.

Our goal is to smoothly guide you to recovery leaving you standing in the best defensible position, with reputation intact, and where business can proceed with minimal disruption.

Common Threats Addressed by the Incident Response and Digital Forensic Team

  • Business Email Compromise and Wire Fraud
  • Insider Threats and Accidental Data Loss
  • Payment Card Fraud (PCI/PFI)
  • Web Application Attacks and Password Theft
  • Malware, Keyloggers, and Backdoors
  • Ransomware
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Third Party and Vendor-Related Risks
  • Targeted Intellectual Property Theft
Tangible Security's incident response services provide security breach response, incident remediation, and digital forensics. Our Incident Response services assist with forensic, cybersecurity risk mitigation, threat hunting, threat intelligence, and compliance efforts.

How Tangible Security Incident Response / Digital Forensic Services Can Help:

1. Comprehensive Investigation:
  • Understand the severity of the incident
  • Detect the compromised systems or networks
  • Identify and examine logs available for the incident
  • Determine any critical systems or logs for further examination
  • Identify if any immediate assessment is required

2. Assessing Damages
  • Understanding the data exposed during the incident
  • Understanding what type of information the cybercriminals are hunting for
  • What files were accessed
  • What files were potentially or actually breached
  • What steps to take after the attack
3. Assist with Incident Response Plan
Our team will assist you in developing an IR plan that addresses:
  • Responsibility matrix in the event of a cyber incident
  • Root cause analysis
  • Remediation plan

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