ProV Software

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Auto-provisions Active Directory user accounts for visitors or new employees whenever they want to work from one of your PC's.

They only need a trusted smart card.

On-Demand Windows Account Creation:

A user within your facility needs to use one of your workstations and/or resources within your network. But without an Active Directory user account, she can do nothing. With ProV software running as a service on your Windows domain controller, and if she possess a smart card trusted by your domain controller, ProV would auto-provision her an account.

ProV is policy-driven, the accounts it creates are for specific Active Directory organizational units with memberships in prescribed Windows security groups. Accounts are not created for just anyone with a smart card from a trusted certificate authority. ProV policies specify criteria that must be found within a user's certificate. So, administrators can define policies that create accounts in different Active Directory organizational units for personnel with different relative distinguished names asserted in their digital certificates, for example.

She would literally be logged in within seconds of her inserting her smart card and typing her pin. This high-assurance self-provisioning eliminates wait-time, filling out forms, and an array of tasks that would otherwise be carried out by physical security and IT operations personnel. ProV not only can lower operations costs but substantially improve security by eliminating the less secure alternatives typically employed.

ProV can be used for dynamically:

  • Onboarding new employees/contractors
  • Accommodating other government agency employees/contractors
  • Onboarding temporary employees/contractors
  • Accommodating traveling employees/contractors
  • Accommodating SIPRNet/CNSS token holders

Satisfies Mandates for Inter-Agency Collaboration:

Users from other organizations can collaborate with yours without establishing inter-organizational Active Directory trust relationships, which often must overcome tremendous inertia. Organizations can dynamically collaborate with others yet enjoy the independence and security benefits of separate Active Directory infrastructures. Organizations might enjoy the following:

  • Ongoing Task-Forces with Users from Multiple Organizations
  • Ad hoc Working Groups
  • Less Need to Courier Sensitive Materials when Users' can Reach-back from within Host Network
  • Provide External Users Access to Data without Surrendering Possession
  • Instant Field-Offices for Emergency Responders at Federal Facilities near a Natural Disaster or Terrorist Incident

Complex Security Redefined

ProV transparently and securely provisions Active Directory Users precluding Service Desks from ever manually creating user accounts and assigning user names and passwords for users. ProV offers unique capabilities to preclude users from ever exposing Domain Resources to common user name and password account exploitation because with the usage of ProV, a user is never provided a user name to complete secure logon using smart card-based Public Key Certificates.

ProV is ideally suited for organizations that currently make use of PKI-based smart card logon that are looking to securely self-provision user accounts and reduce Windows Domain Controller management and security operations capitalizing on investment in Public Key Infrastructure and Smart Card logon capabilities and security benefits. This powerful solution helps businesses increase security effectiveness, reduce risks and eliminate the hidden costs associated managing user accounts through complicated Identity Management Solutions, Microsoft Active Directory Trust management, and account consistency across an Enterprise that impacts user mobility and productivity.

Seamless Integration

Designed as a mission critical application for any size Windows Domain Controller, ProV is built on the latest Microsoft® .NET technologies. ProV can be configured to operate in the most complex Microsoft Domain Controller environments to include complex trust and replication configurations, satisfying the needs of both security and IT departments.

Full system administration and operations may be performed by domain controller administrators through a single configuration console or modified through registry key Group Policies for ease of deployment, implementation and sustainment. For organizations that utilize thin client, Hyper-V, or Virtualization Technologies, ProV will function seamlessly in these environments.
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