Federal Overview

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Working at the forefront of cybersecurity, Tangible is committed to strengthening our nation’s defenses and its critical infrastructures.

We have Served Federal Clients for Over a Decade

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Department of Energy
Department of Defense
Government Services Administration
National Security Agency
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Justice

By providing private sector cybersecurity services as well, we are able to bring commercial best practices to the Federal government.

  • Adeptly Facing Real Problems—Tangible is unique in an otherwise me-too environment. We go beyond the standard body of cyber security knowledge by constantly practicing the skills and exercising the perspective of cyber adversaries so we can provide practical, realistic, and prioritized insights and remedies.
  • Taking a Collaborative Approach—As a trusted advisor to our clients, we seek to address real world issues by helping to set priorities for future activities. Our cyber assessments and penetration testing services employ the hackers’ perspective to expose the real risks of acting or failing to act, and identify what must be addressed first. We also help embed security at every stage of information processing, transmission, storage, and access.
  • Providing a Prescient Perspective—We survey the ever-changing and often-invisible threat landscape to provide proactive cybersecurity. Our executives and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are recognized as leaders in their fields. They author numerous books on ethical enterprise hacking and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) implementation.
Tangible helps the federal government secure high volume, strong authentication implementations by:
  • Integrating innovative Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies into large-scale eco-systems
  • Conducting ongoing/proactive risk management assessments
  • Facilitating compliance with government regulatory mandates and guidelines
  • Developing compelling software solutions to persistent IAM industry problems