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The increasing national discussion concerning what must be done to properly manage cyber security efforts reads like a summary of Tangible’s capabilities and focus.

  • Acquisition and Program Management—economic analyses
  • Information Assurance (IA) Operations Engineering—testing and evaluation management support
  • IA Infrastructure Systems Engineering—requirements analysis and design as well as integration into existing infrastructure
  • Information Systems Security Engineering—DoD-style secure systems engineering, with certification and accreditation of final solutions
  • IA Technical and Policy Analysis—research that informs future directions in cyber security policy and procedures
White House policy makers recognize that, above all else, there is a fundamental need to acquire the best possible information about the state of our networks and the capabilities and intentions of our cyber adversaries. Critical cyber security information must be made available to and usable by everyone who needs it. Our experts are recognized as leaders in their fields, their books on ethical hacking and Secure Information and Event Management (SIEM) implementation are widely used as source and training materials. Our advanced techniques and software solutions have been honed on the front lines to defend against internal and external threats to organizational assets and economic viability. The President has referred to exactly these types of sophisticated attacks in his comments on cyber security.