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Our past performance on cybersecurity projects over the last decade, large and small, classified or not, give Federal agencies assurance that we deliver tangible results.

US Federal agencies are under great pressure to both lower their operational costs with information technology as well as make their information systems more resilient to cyber attacks from organized crime, cyber gangs, hacktivists, and nation-states.

We specialize in designing-in security from the beginning, whether for software or integrated systems.

Information Security

Information Security Lifecycle

Data Security

Data Security Lifecycle

...because data breaches are ultimately due to a failure in one of these three areas:

Software Design, Development, and Lifecycle

System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

and Maintenance

Product Development Lifecycle
Systems Design Development Implementation Integration
Operations & Maintenance Services

We have been acquiring other firms to broaden our portfolio of cyber security services for the Federal government.

Federal Cyber Security Services
Our work with the Defense and Intelligence communities over the last decade has proved to be a major differentiator to civilian agencies seeking proven solutions providers.
Those looking for help developing secure software have expressed appreciation for the software we developed that has been running on thousands of mission critical computing platforms in the Defense and Intelligence communities for many years.
And those looking to architect, design, develop, deploy, and maintain complex integrated systems respected our other efforts in the Defense and Intelligence communities, developing and maintaining mission critical infrastructure that had to scale to support millions of users for ten years.
All our work navigated through the most cybersecurity demanding scrutiny and withstood the worst that nation-state cyber attackers could throw at them.