Software and Hardware Vendors

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We use the same methods and tactics as those that threaten product vendors' revenues and reputation to provide realistic insights and practical results. We have honed this ethical hacker approach with the military, government, and well-known corporate brands.

Our executives and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are recognized as leaders in their fields. They write widely-used books on ethical enterprise hacking, present research findings at major conferences, work on classified projects, and sit on industry panels.

Software-embedded device manufacturers must enable their products to interact with smartphones, tablets, and other user endpoints to survive in today’s increasingly Internet-focused world. Without this Internet-based interaction for their products, companies would almost certainly lose out in the marketplace, but this also comes with risks. For instance, a baby monitor can easily be hacked to allow clandestine surveillance of a family. Incidents like this become the subject of fervent consumer discussion, generate significant bad press, and expose vendors to legal action.

Our solutions are not only based on the exceptional work of our ethical hackers. They also benefit from the experience of our own developers whose software products have operated in mission critical infrastructure serving the military and intelligence communities for years, including software running on thousands of Windows Domain Controllers as well as high assurance identity and access management servers. The gauntlet of security reviews and procedures to achieve this was extraordinary.
Consequently, the services we provide are that much more insightful and effective:

In addition to helping vendors harden their products to frustrate hackers, we help vendors protect their intellectual property, proprietary information, and sensitive customer data. Tangible offers a full range of services:

Tangible Excels At Protecting Software Embedded Devices; We:

Specialize in Software-Embedded Devices with external communications (either private or Internet-based), including total systems ranging from the product itself, to central command/control systems (e.g., web app, enterprise server, etc.), to customer end-user applications on smartphone, tablet, or computer
Work with new customers shortly before a major product release to conduct a product security and risk assessment and assist in remediating the findings
Provide full Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) programs consisting of five dimensions that are carefully adapted to existing product development processes: requirements, design, code, testing, and deployment. Combined with early-stage, ethical enterprise hacking and cyber threat assessments, the tangible result is to allow our customers to achieve the ideal—by designing in security from the very beginning, they can create the most cost-effective products possible
Employ a full range of specialists who can work with or test different aspects of a product in parallel (in a highly secure, proven testing environment), expediting time-to-market, and minimizing impacts on potential profits
Assist manufacturers with the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)